One of Community Partnerships with JU4Y

One of Community Partnerships with JU4Y


Hello my name is Jonathan A., before anything I would like to thank you for your support that impacts lives like mine. I’m one of the former students of Just Us 4 Youth and now I am a Transitional Aged Youth, and employee for Just Us 4 Youth. I currently work through a program that provides former foster youth like me vocational opportunities. I work at the TAY House, giving back to the community and helping the young adults that are housed here. I know first hand how your donations are blessing these clients and our vision here at JU4Y. We appreciate you all!

I was born in California and I grew up in Colombia with my family. At the age of 11 years old I came back to the U.S without my family. I was taken by the Department Of Children’s And Family Services (DCFS) and I was placed in a group home in the City Of Pomona, that’s when I met Eric Vasquez and his program.

Unfortunately I made a series of poor decisions that caused me to commit a crime, which then caused me to be incarcerated over a three year span of my high school years. I was on probation as a result of this but I was growing and developing along the way with the help of my mentors and JU4Y. I was supported to become successful with my life and they also encouraged me to do the good for my community. I have since ended my term with probation and I am now attending my first year of college. I have been with JU4Y since 2015 until today and they are still helping me as much as they can. My next plan in life is to finish college and get a degree in sociology.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story and be connected to you! Once again, thank you for your generosity and consideration of youth and young adults like me.


Jonathan A.